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hina is a land of beauty and mystery. Many people are not aware of China’s rich cultural history because they do not know the language. The Chinese people have contributed a lot to the improvement of mankind. Interesting facts about China, its cuisine, martial arts and religions are provided below.
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The city of XiÂ’an is the capital city of the Chinese province of Shaanxi and is one of the oldest cities in China with over 3,100 years of history. There are a number of public transportation methods to navigate your way around the city including its latest one the metro.
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visit chongquing any time of the year and experience its many wonders
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Today I would like to share with you our China and Beijing trip. Wonderful and unsurpassed. China
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In the center of Beijing, the present capital City of China was a fortified enclosure called the Forbidden City. This City sheltered the imperial court and the imperial family.
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